• Alan HicksAUS/USA

    Alan Hicks

    Alan Hicks (AUS/USA) Independent Filmmaker

    Al Hicks is an Australian Independent Filmmaker well known for his films Quincy and Keep On Keepin' On.

  • Diane WeyermannUSA

    Diane Weyermann

    Diane Weyermann (USA) President of Documentary Film & Television
    Participant Media

    As president of documentary film and television, Diane is responsible for the documentary feature film and television slate of Participant Media.

  • Tom BrisleyUK

    Tom Brisley

    Tom Brisley (UK) Joint Creative Director & Co-Founder
    Arrow Media

    Tom Brisley thrives on pushing the boundaries of factual television.

  • John BrownUK

    John Brown

    John Brown (UK ) Cinematographer

    John Brown is a multi award winning documentary cameraman, director, and stills photographer based in Oxfordshire, UK.

  • Gabrielle BradyAUS/GER

    Gabrielle Brady

    Gabrielle Brady (AUS/GER) Filmmaker

    Gabrielle Brady is an Australian filmmaker who currently resides part time in Berlin.

  • Sandi TanUSA/SGP

    Sandi Tan

    Sandi Tan (USA/SGP) Writer / Director / Producer

    Sandi Tan is the writer, director, producer and co-editor of the award-winning Netflix documentary Shirkers.

  • Tamra SimmonsUSA

    Tamra Simmons

    Tamra Simmons (USA) Executive Producer
    Surviving R. Kelly

    Tamra Simmons is the executive producer on the ground-breaking Lifetime documentary series, Surviving R. Kelly.

  • Graeme MasonAUS

    Graeme Mason

    Graeme Mason (AUS) CEO
    Screen Australia

    Currently the CEO of Screen Australia, Graeme has over 20 years of international experience in film, television and multimedia businesses.

  • Andrew McGrathAUS

    Andrew McGrath

    Andrew McGrath (AUS) Owner / Sound Engineering

    Andrew McGrath is the owner Soundwaves, an award-winning sound post facility located in Port Melbourne.

  • Jacinta ParsonsAUS

    Jacinta Parsons

    Jacinta Parsons (AUS) ABC Radio Melbourne
    Radio Broadcaster

    Jacinta Parsons is a radio broadcaster and the co-host of the Breakfast show on ABC Radio Melbourne.

  • Matthew BateAUS

    Matthew Bate

    Matthew Bate (AUS) Director
    Closer Productions

  • Penny Smallacombe

    Penny Smallacombe

    Penny Smallacombe

  • Sam GriffinAUS

    Sam Griffin

    Sam Griffin (AUS) Head of Documentary and Specialist Factual
    Essential Media Group

    Producer Sam Griffin is the Head of Documentary and Specialist Factual at Essential Media Group where she has many projects in development, including feature documentary Lucy in the Sky.

  • Travis BeardAUS

    Travis Beard

    Travis Beard (AUS) Director
    Combat Comms

  • Simon NashtAUS

    Simon Nasht

    Simon Nasht (AUS ) Co-founder

    Simon is one of Australia’s most experienced documentary filmmakers.

  • Belinda FithieAUS

    Belinda Fithie

    Belinda Fithie (AUS) Post Production Supervisor
    City Post

    With literally hundreds and hundreds of hours of experience in Editing and Post Production, over 25+ years, one could say Belinda is a little obsessed with Editing and Post Production!

  • Catherine ScottAUS

    Catherine Scott

    Catherine Scott (AUS) Documentary Practitioner

    Catherine Scott has worked as a documentary filmmaker for 25 years.

  • Dom BartoloAUS

    Dom Bartolo

    Dom Bartolo (AUS) Designer, Director & Co-Founder

    Dom is an international designer director and co-founder of 21-19, a design and communications agency, based in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Claire ForsterAUS

    Claire Forster

    Claire Forster (AUS) Series Producer
    Artemis Media

    Claire Forster, along with the team from Artemis Media in Perth created Every Family has a Secret.

  • Dale Cochrane ACSAUS

    Dale Cochrane ACS

    Dale Cochrane ACS (AUS) Director
    Raven Air

    Dale Cochrane is an experienced documentary cinematographer, having filmed across every continent including a three week expedition to Antarctica.

  • Rebecca BarryAUS

    Rebecca Barry

    Rebecca Barry (AUS ) Producer / Director
    Media Stockade

  • Santilla ChingaipeAUS

    Santilla Chingaipe

    Santilla Chingaipe (AUS) Journalist / Filmmaker

    Santilla Chingaipe is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker based in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Alan ErsonAUS

    Alan Erson

    Alan Erson (AUS) Managing Director
    Wildbear Entertainment

    A writer, director, producer and commissioner of true stories for over 25 years, Alan Erson leads creative teams making science, arts, history and natural history content for global audiences.

  • John HughesAUS

    John Hughes

    John Hughes (AUS) Independent Filmmaker

    Independent filmmaker John Hughes’ documentary output is formally innovative and research driven.

  • Libbie DohertyAUS

    Libbie Doherty

    Libbie Doherty (AUS) Head of Children's Content

    Head of Children’s Content at the ABC, Libbie Doherty is an advocate for Children’s content and brings a wealth of experience from the animation and live action worlds.

  • Karla BurtAUS

    Karla Burt

    Karla Burt (AUS) Head of Unscripted
    Princess Pictures

    With over two decades in the entertainment industry Karla is recognised as a producer who nurtures both creatives and talent to bring new formats and stories to the screen.

  • Rachael BrownAUS

    Rachael Brown

    Rachael Brown (AUS ) Broadcast Journalist

    Rachael is the creator, investigator, and host of the ABC’s first true-crime podcast, Trace.

  • Donovan ChanAUS/SGP

    Donovan Chan

    Donovan Chan (AUS/SGP) Creative Director
    Beach House Pictures

    Donovan is a founding partner of Beach House Pictures and spearheads strategy & content development.

  • Majella WiemersAUS

    Majella Wiemers

    Majella Wiemers (AUS) Head of Entertainment
    ITV Studios

    ITV Australia’s Head of Entertainment Majella Wiemers has made almost every genre of television.

  • Michael CordellAUS

    Michael Cordell

    Michael Cordell (AUS) Creative Director

    Michael Cordell is one of Australia’s most established producers and directors; his projects straddle many genres and have won numerous awards.

  • Kyle MurdochNZL

    Kyle Murdoch

    Kyle Murdoch (NZL) Managing Director

    Kyle Murdoch has 15 years of experience working around the globe in factual television as a producer, director and writer.

  • Chris KamenAUS

    Chris Kamen

    Chris Kamen (AUS) Business & Affairs Producer
    Genepool Productions / CJZ

    Chris is a business affairs-focused producer, specialising in digital distribution

  • Brittney MontagAUS/USA

    Brittney Montag

    Brittney Montag (AUS/USA ) Program Coordinator

    Brittney has worked in festival operations for nearly eight years, now in her third year with AIDC.

  • Melanie HorkanAUS

    Melanie Horkan

    Melanie Horkan (AUS) Conference Programmer

    Melanie Horkan is the Conference Programmer at the Australian International Documentary Conference.

  • Tom ZubryckiAUS

    Tom Zubrycki

    Tom Zubrycki (AUS) Documentary Practitioner

    Tom Zubrycki is an award-winning documentary practitioner.

  • Erin NoordeloosAUS

    Erin Noordeloos

    Erin Noordeloos (AUS) Trauma & Resilience Manager

    Erin is an expert in international risk management and strategy development.

  • Suzanne DerryAUS

    Suzanne Derry

    Suzanne Derry (AUS) Director of National Partnerships and Programs, Senior Solicitor
    Arts Law Centre of Australia

    Suzanne Derry is the Senior Solicitor at the Arts Law Centre of Australia.

  • Douglas SimpsonNZL

    Douglas Simpson

    Douglas Simpson (NZL) Production Account Manager
    Getty Images

    Douglas is an expert in image and footage licensing at Getty Images.

  • Douglas WatkinAUS

    Douglas Watkin

    Douglas Watkin (AUS) VP, Content (Indigenous Stories & Talent)
    Screen Queensland

    As a filmmaker and storyteller, Douglas has produced short and long-form documentaries, television series, feature documentaries, animation and immersive art experiences.

  • Andrew FarrellAUS

    Andrew Farrell

    Andrew Farrell (AUS) Head of Factual

    Andrew is the Head of Factual for leading Australian production house CJZ.

  • Annabel CrabbAUS

    Annabel Crabb

    Annabel Crabb (AUS) Chief Political Writer

    Annabel Crabb is the ABC’s Chief Political Writer and presenter of Back in Time for Dinner, The House and the highly acclaimed Kitchen Cabinet series on ABC TV.

  • Daniel JoyceAUS

    Daniel Joyce

    Daniel Joyce (AUS) Producer
    Projector FIlms

    Daniel is a leading Australian producer of international feature documentaries.

  • John HarveyAUS

    John Harvey

    John Harvey (AUS) Writer, Producer, Director
    Brown Cabs

    John Harvey is the Creative Director of BROWN CABS. He is a producer, director and writer working in both narrative and factual.

  • Kingston AndersonAUS

    Kingston Anderson

    Kingston Anderson (AUS) CEO
    Australian Directors Guild

    The Australian Directors Guild (ADG) is a registered industry association representing the interests of film, television and digital media directors, documentary makers and animators throughout Australia.

  • Axel ArnöSWE

    Axel Arnö

    Axel Arnö (SWE) Commissioning Editor

    At SVT’s documentary department Axel deals with international current affairs, special series and creative documentaries.

  • Eve AshAUS

    Eve Ash

    Eve Ash (AUS) Producer, CEO
    Seven Dimensions

    Eve Ash is a psychologist and speaker who has produced hundreds of short films, documentaries and TV episodes.

  • Jess BinethAUS

    Jess Bineth

    Jess Bineth (AUS) Creative Director & Co-Founder

    Jess Bineth is a journalist, podcast producer, and founder of Audiocraft, an organisation for podcasters and radiomakers.

  • Kylie BoltinAUS

    Kylie Boltin

    Kylie Boltin (AUS) Commissioning Editor Online Documentaries

    Kylie Boltin is a Walkley Award-winning producer and journalist, and currently the commissioning editor of online documentaries for SBS.

  • Ben BraunUSA

    Ben Braun

    Ben Braun (USA) Director of Sales and Distribution

    Submarine is a hybrid sales, production and distribution company.

  • Natasha GaddAUS

    Natasha Gadd

    Natasha Gadd (AUS )

    Natasha’s passion for documentary traverses two decades of experience working across production, programming, festival curation and distribution.

  • Rudy ButtignolCAN

    Rudy Buttignol

    Rudy Buttignol (CAN) President & CEO
    British Columbia's Knowledge Network

    Rudy Buttignol is the President and CEO of British Columbia’s Knowledge Network Corporation.

  • Al CossarAUS

    Al Cossar

    Al Cossar (AUS) Artistic Director

    Al Cossar is the Artistic Director of the Melbourne International Film Festival, where he has previously held roles of Programmer, Acting Artistic Director, and Associate Artistic Director.

  • Jo DillonAUS

    Jo Dillon

    Jo Dillon (AUS ) Head of Development & Production
    Screen Queensland

    Jo Dillon has worked in the development and production of high-quality scripted and unscripted international screen stories for over fourteen years.

  • Matthew DeanerAUS

    Matthew Deaner

    Matthew Deaner (AUS) CEO
    Screen Producers Australia

    Matthew Deaner is the Chief Executive Officer of Screen Producers Australia.

  • David DoepelAUS

    David Doepel

    David Doepel (AUS) Co-Found & CEO
    Demand Film

    David Doepel is co-founder and CEO of Demand Film, a global theatrical distribution company.

  • Denise EriksenAUS

    Denise Eriksen

    Denise Eriksen (AUS) Co-chair

    Denise Eriksen has had a lengthy career in factual television, and currently sits as the Co-Chair of AIDC.

  • Jess FuselierUSA

    Jess Fuselier

    Jess Fuselier (USA) Manager, Education & Research, Creative Distribution Initiative
    Sundance Institute

    Jess Fuselier is a community outreach, marketing and data specialist at the Sundance Institute, living in Los Angeles, California.

  • Mitzi GoldmanAUS

    Mitzi Goldman

    Mitzi Goldman (AUS) Founder & CEO
    Documentary Australia Foundation

    Mitzi is a founder and CEO of the Documentary Australia Foundation, having been instrumental in its realisation since its inception in 2006.

  • Julie HannaAUS

    Julie Hanna

    Julie Hanna (AUS) Commissioning Editor, Factual

    Julie is a looking for National Conversation docs and local formats that play with form.

  • Torsten HoffmannAUS / GER

    Torsten Hoffmann

    Torsten Hoffmann (AUS / GER) Founder & CEO
    3D/4k Content Hub

    Torsten Hoffmann is the founder and CEO of Melbourne-based 3D/4k Content Hub.

  • Lisa JacksonCAN

    Lisa Jackson

    Lisa Jackson (CAN) Independent Filmmaker / Creator

    Lisa Jackson is an immersive muti-media content creator exploring issues of First People identify and language through her work.

  • Dr Cathy KezelmanAUS

    Dr Cathy Kezelman

    Dr Cathy Kezelman (AUS) President
    Blue Knot Foundation

    Dr. Cathy Kezelman AM is a medical practitioner and expert in the treatment of trauma

  • Bernadine LimAUS

    Bernadine Lim

    Bernadine Lim (AUS) Head of Documentary
    Screen Australia

    With more than 20 years’ experience Bernadine is both a content creative and executive, appointed Head of Documentary at Screen Australia in 2018.

  • Tosca LoobyAUS

    Tosca Looby

    Tosca Looby (AUS) Series Producer / Director
    Northern Pictures

    Tosca Looby has had a long and glamorous career as creator of natural history and factual television for over two decades.

  • Erkko LyytinenFIN

    Erkko Lyytinen

    Erkko Lyytinen (FIN) Commissioning Editor

    Erkko Lyytinen is a commissioning editor for Finnish public broadcaster YLE, focusing on co-productions of creative documentaries.

  • Eddie MartinAUS

    Eddie Martin

    Eddie Martin (AUS) Director

    Eddie Martin is the director of acclaimed documentaries Have You Seen the Listers?, Lionel, and the award-winning All This Mayhem.

  • Kelrick MartinAUS

    Kelrick Martin

    Kelrick Martin (AUS) Head, Indigenous

    Kelrick currently oversees the Indigenous department at the ABC.

  • Jo-anne McGowanAUS

    Jo-anne McGowan

    Jo-anne McGowan (AUS) Co-founder / Producer
    Stranger Than Fiction Films

    Jo-anne McGowan is an Emmy® nominated producer specialising in documentary across all genres, with a particular passion for the arts.

  • Caro Meldrum-HannaAUS

    Caro Meldrum-Hanna

    Caro Meldrum-Hanna (AUS) Journalist, Series Co-Creator & Writer
    ABC TV

    Caro Meldrum-Hanna is an award winning investigative reporter with ABC TV.

  • Kate MontagueAUS

    Kate Montague

    Kate Montague (AUS) Director and Founder

    Kate Montague is the director and founder of Audiocraft, an organisation for Australian podcasters and radiomakers.

  • Theresa NavarroUSA

    Theresa Navarro

    Theresa Navarro (USA) Vice President, External Affairs
    American Documentary | POV

    Theresa Navarro is an Independent Spirit Award-nominated producer and the Vice President of External Affairs at American Documentary, the producer of POV on PBS.

  • Dr. Jordan NguyenAUS

    Dr. Jordan Nguyen

    Dr. Jordan Nguyen (AUS)

    Dr Jordan Nguyen, is one of Australia’s most innovative biomedical engineers, who’s committed his work to improving the lives of as many people as possible.

  • Maya NewellAUS

    Maya Newell

    Maya Newell (AUS) Director

    Maya is a director with a strong focus on social justice.

  • Victoria NobleUK

    Victoria Noble

    Victoria Noble (UK) Senior Director & Executive Producer

    Victoria Noble is Senior Director and Executive Producer of Production and Development, Factual, for Discovery.

  • Stephen OliverAUS

    Stephen Oliver

    Stephen Oliver (AUS) Commissioning Editor, Factual

    Stephen is part of the factual commissioning team at the ABC.

  • Lisa OpieUK

    Lisa Opie

    Lisa Opie (UK) Managing Director of Factual
    BBC Studios

    Lisa Opie is the Managing Director of Factual for BBC Studios, the BBC’s commercial TV production arm that creates many of the UK's most successful shows.

  • Kate PappasAUS

    Kate Pappas

    Kate Pappas (AUS) Creative Producer
    Genepool Productions

    Kate is a hands-on Creative Producer who works regularly with Genepool Productions, WildBear Entertainment, Chemical Media and Renegade Films.

  • Jennifer PeedomAUS

    Jennifer Peedom

    Jennifer Peedom (AUS) Co-founder / Filmmaker
    Stranger Than Fiction Films

    Jen Peedom is a BAFTA nominated director, known for her gripping, intimate portraits of people in extreme circumstances.

  • Sonya PembertonAUS

    Sonya Pemberton

    Sonya Pemberton (AUS) Creative Director
    Genepool Productions

    Sonya Pemberton is one of Australia’s leading factual filmmakers.

  • Caroline PitcherAUS

    Caroline Pitcher

    Caroline Pitcher (AUS) CEO
    Film Victoria

    Film Victoria is the State Government agency that provides strategic leadership and assistance to the film, television and digital media sectors of Victoria.

  • Tracey Spicer AMAUS

    Tracey Spicer AM

    Tracey Spicer AM (AUS ) Author / Journalist

    Tracey Spicer AM is a multiple Walkley Award-winning author, journalist and broadcaster who has anchored programs for ABC TV and radio, Network Ten and Sky News.

  • Adrian SwiftAUS

    Adrian Swift

    Adrian Swift (AUS) Head of Content, Production & Development
    Nine Network

    Adrian is the Nine Network’s Head of Content Production & Development working across traditional broadcast and digital.

  • Joyce SteeleAUS

    Joyce Steele

    Joyce Steele (AUS) Account Manager
    HW Wood Australia Pty Ltd

    Joyce Steele is the Account Manager for HW Wood Australia Pty Ltd and heads up the Film & Entertainment team responsible for placement of insurance and risk programs.

  • Alex KellyAUS

    Alex Kelly

    Alex Kelly (AUS) Filmmaker / Artist

    Alex Kelly is a filmmaker, artist and communications and campaign strategist committed to social justice.

  • Madeleine ParryAUS

    Madeleine Parry

    Madeleine Parry (AUS) Director / Producer / Presenter

    Madeleine is an award-winning writer, director, producer and presenter of television, film and virtual reality.

  • Sari BraithwaiteAUS

    Sari Braithwaite

    Sari Braithwaite (AUS) Film Practitioner

    Sari Braithwaite is a practitioner who works across the disciplines of history and film.

  • Deanne WeirAUS

    Deanne Weir

    Deanne Weir (AUS) Company Director

    A media entrepreneur, company director and philanthropist, Deanne Weir has more than 25 years’ experience in media and communications.

  • Ana TiquiaAUS

    Ana Tiquia

    Ana Tiquia (AUS ) Head of Development & Strategy
    Grumpy Sailor

    Ana is a hybrid practitioner who plays at the messy fringes of art, technology, design and culture.

  • Rebecca BennettAUS

    Rebecca Bennett

    Rebecca Bennett (AUS ) Producer
    Shooting Films

    Rebecca Bennett is an award-winning freelance producer based in Sydney, Australia.

  • Jaimen HudsonAUS

    Jaimen Hudson

    Jaimen Hudson (AUS) Drone Cinematographer

    Jaimen is a drone cinematographer whose stunning footage of whales, dolphins and surfers has amassed over 250 million views.

  • Ranell ShubertUSA

    Ranell Shubert

    Ranell Shubert (USA) Education Programs Manager
    International Documentary Association (IDA)

    Ranell provides essential programming and operational support for IDA’s educational and conference programming.

  • Sarah ShawAUS

    Sarah Shaw

    Sarah Shaw (AUS) Producer

    Sarah Shaw is an Australian Producer known for films such as The Snowtown Murders, Sunshine and Have You Seen the Listers?

  • Michael TearAUS

    Michael Tear

    Michael Tear (AUS ) CEO
    Wildbear Entertainment

    Michael was Managing Director and co-founder of Bearcage before becoming CEO of WildBear.

  • Tea UglowAUS

    Tea Uglow

    Tea Uglow (AUS) Creative Director
    Google Creative Lab

    Tea Uglow is a founding member of Google’s Creative Lab.

  • Paul WiegardAUS

    Paul Wiegard

    Paul Wiegard (AUS) Founder & Managing Director
    Madman Entertainment

    Madman is Australia's leading independent theatrical, home entertainment distribution and rights management company.

  • Elliott WhittonUSA

    Elliott Whitton

    Elliott Whitton (USA) Head of Development

    Elliott Whitton works with the Cinereach productions team and filmmakers to develop content for the organisation to support, finance and produce.

  • Malinda WinkAUS

    Malinda Wink

    Malinda Wink (AUS) Executive Director
    Shark Island Institute

    Malinda Wink is Executive Director of Shark Island Institute and Good Pitch Australia.