Jess Fuselier (USA)
Manager, Education & Research, Creative Distribution Initiative
Sundance Institute

Jess Fuselier is a community outreach, marketing and data specialist at the Sundance Institute, living in Los Angeles, California.

The Creative Distribution Initiative helps independent storytellers build audiences and sustain careers through innovations in marketing, distribution, and data transparency.

As manager of research and education for the Creative Distribution Initiative, Jess is working to cultivate meaningful insights rooted in data transparency, in order to create resources that impact the sustainability of the independent film community at large.

Originally a Texan with an early career as a professional ballet dancer, she concentrated her love of people, technology and social purpose towards helping filmmakers target and engage their audience. She pioneered a community outreach program to connect film sets across the U.S. with the communities in which they operate and led efforts to support critical non profit community service providers.

An experienced coder, she has worked for several early-stage companies in Austin, and co-founded Young Women Who Code, teaching elementary age girls the building blocks of STEM education.