Stanley Hawes Award

The $5,000 Stanley Hawes Award was presented annually from 1997 – 2023 at the Australian International Documentary Conference (AIDC). The Award was given to a person or organisation responsible for making an outstanding contribution to the Australian documentary and factual industry.


The Award was established in 1997 to honour documentary producer and director Stanley Hawes – Producer-in-Chief of the Australian National Film Board and Commonwealth Film Unit from 1946-1969 – and recognised the significant support he gave independent filmmakers in the documentary sector.

Since its inception, 23 recipients were recognised for their outstanding contribution in the tradition of Stanley Hawes.


2023 Dr Cathy Henkel

2022 David Tiley

2021 Michaela Perske

2020 Janine Hosking

2019 James Bradley

2018 Curtis Levy

2017 Brian Beaton (posthumous)

2016 Sonya Pemberton

2015 Pauline Clague

2014 Chris Hilton

2013 Documentary Australia Foundation

2012 Julia Overton

2011 Rachel Perkins

2010 Tom Zubrycki

2009 Bob Connolly

2008 David Bradbury

2007 Michael Gissing

2006 John Hughes

2005 CAAMA

2004 Robin Hughes

2003 Stewart Young

2001 Pat Fiske

1999 John Heyer

1997 Graham Chase