Chris Kamen (AUS)
Business & Affairs Producer
Genepool Productions / CJZ

Chris is a business affairs-focused producer, specialising in digital distribution.

With a background in production and legals, Chris works with leading production companies including Genepool Productions and CJZ to develop and execute innovative business models for the creation, distribution and marketing of quality long-form content.

Chris has pioneered direct-to-audience distribution methods on a number of feature-length documentaries including Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (2011), The King of Broken Hearts (2013) and Small is Beautiful (2015).

In 2018 Chris co-ordinated the influencer-driven release of Genepool’s Vitamania across multiple platforms worldwide over 16 days. Chris is currently working on the release of CJZ’s digital-only sex-ed project The Amazing True Story of How Babies are Made.