Brave New World: Documentary and Artificial Intelligence

Innovation With the rise of AI we are at an irrevocable turning point. Join a stellar panel of industry representatives as they probe the power and perils of AI in the nonfiction sector.

Artificial intelligence is revolutionising storytelling and filmmaking, for better or worse. Now, as we stand at the dawn of a new AI world, documentary filmmaking is at an irrevocable turning point. Just as we cannot stop AI permeating our everyday lives, we cannot ignore the innovative technology’s impact on the way we capture, create and tell stories.

By blurring the boundary between what is real and fake, AI has unsettled the foundation of documentary, which is predicated on trust, truth, authenticity and transparency. While the technology has the capability to deceive through applications like deep fakes, synthesised audio, and generative AI imagery, it can also enhance creativity and allow filmmakers to protect identities, create visuals for uncaptured history, give voices to the silenced, and explore storytelling in new and novel ways.

Moderated by Fremantle Australia’s Head of Development Lexi Landsman, this thought-provoking session will include a panel of industry leaders including British filmmaker Sophie Compton whose SXSW award-winning documentary Another Body directly interrogates the unregulated realm of AI deepfakes, leading AI scientist Professor Toby Walsh, and lawyer and filmmaker Chris Kamen, who together will explore the perks, perils and power of AI and the impact it will have on the way we create and consume media in the nonfiction sector


Panelist Sophie Compton’s film, Another Body, screens 6.30pm, Sunday 3 March at ACMI Cinemas, as part of AIDC’s Documented Screening Program, co-presented with ACMI. Book your tickets here.

Image Credit: Another Body (Cinephil, 2023)