Belinda Fithie (AUS)
Post Production Supervisor
City Post

With literally hundreds and hundreds of hours of experience in Editing and Post Production, over 25+ years, one could say Belinda is a little obsessed with Editing and Post Production!

As well as freelancing, Belinda has worked as a  Post Production Supervisor, Producer and Editor at City Post for close to a decade, where she is an integral part of the post team, managing the post pathways for a variety of documentaries, IMAX films, drama series and shorts.

Belinda’s eye for detail and extensive understanding of Editing and Post Production gives her the ability to adapt to the challenges of your each individual production, so including her as early as you can in your production can potentially save you time and money.

One thing Belinda would like to leave you with…

‘Think about Post Production in Pre-Production and during Production we are not an after-thought or somewhere to just “fix” things.