Eve Ash (AUS)
Producer, CEO
Seven Dimensions

Eve Ash is a psychologist and speaker who has produced hundreds of short films, documentaries and TV episodes, winning over 150 awards including Telstra Businesswoman of the Year – Business Owner. 

She founded Seven Dimensions, producing comedy training videos, including the Cutting Edge Communication Comedy business series in the US. Eve is currently completing a feature documentary, Man on the Bus, about her extraordinary investigation into her own family secret. Eve has been filming an exposé of the Sue Neill-Fraser case since Sue was arrested for murder in 2009. She initially produced the award winning feature documentary, Shadow of Doubt. She continued to film her search for the truth, now in front of the camera, and teamed up with Tim Smart. Their production company, Missing Man, together with cjz, co-produced Undercurrent (x 6 eps) for the Seven Network. Eve sought help to solve the case, from former homicide detective, Colin McLaren, but never anticipated the outcome.