Truth-telling in the Interactive Arts

Showcase This panel showcases interactive works by local creatives, and their experiences with truth-telling in the interactive arts.

This panel showcases new works by local creators and their experiences with truth-telling in the interactive arts. It features Dan Fallshaw and Violeta Ayala’s VR work Prison X, which draws on their experiences creating the documentary about San Sebastian Prison, as well as Andean mythology, to blur the lines between fiction and reality. Kylie Boltin and Ravi Vasavan, share their experience creating and participating in the SBS interactive web documentary, Emma and Ravi, in which audiences can interact by signing 14 Southern Dialect Auslan signs. Emma Morris shares their interactive AR project Mt Resilience, where, on your phone, you can explore a town built to be resilient against extreme weather and our changing climate. And Julia Scott-Stevenson shares their project Privy To, which through EEG interactions and a variety of creatives experiences online and live, aims to inspire audiences to feel empowered about controlling their social media privacy.

After an introduction to the projects, please join the creators in individual booths to further explore the projects.


Image Credit: Prison X, United Notion Films, 2021

Image Credit: Mt Resilience, ABC, 2020