Innovation Catalyst's Dr. Jordan Nguyen and aerial cinematographer Jaimen Hudson explore the ways in which technology is empowering new stories.

Changes in technology are providing more and more ways for previously marginalised voices to be heard.

Dr Jordan Nguyen works at the intersection of humanity and technology to create mind-controlled wheelchairs;  VR and AR and even robotics for end-of-life care. Jordan is passionate about designing life-changing technologies focusing on intelligent, futuristic and inclusive technology. Jordan’s motivation for working in this field started when he was involved in a diving accident when he was younger, which left him temporarily paralysed. Suddenly Jordan found himself considering a very different life for himself with little mobility or independence. Fortunately, Jordan recovered and emerged from the experience determined to educate himself about opportunities in interactive technology to help people not so fortunate.

In 2008 when Jaimen Hudson was 17 years old he suffered a motorbike accident which rendered him a quadriplegic. This would have been hard for anyone, but living in Esperance, in remote Western Australia made things even harder. Undeterred by the hand that fate had dealt him, Jaimen became a drone cinematographer whose stunning footage of whales, dolphins and surfers has amassed over 250 million views on the videos he has created and attracted the attention of TED, National Geographic, Discovery and NHK. He is now collaborating with Sea Dog international TV on a feature documentary about his life, film career and love for the ocean.

This unmissable session looks at some of the big implications of innovative, game-changing technologies and what they mean for creating more inclusive societies and empowering new stories with a voice.