How to Save 100k Before You Even Start Production

Business Award-winning panelists share pearls of wisdom that could save you thousands of dollars before you even shoot a frame

We all want more money ending up on screen and less spent fixing problems that could have been easily avoided with some clever planning.

This all-star panel of award-winning practitioners includes Raven Air drone operator and director of photography Dale Cochrane ACS; freelance offline editor and post supervisor at post-production house City Post, Belinda Fithie; Sound engineer, designer and post-supervisor and owner of sound facility Soundwaves, Andrew McGrath; art director, designer and vfx specialist and director of design agency 21-19, Dom Bartolo and shining a light on the dark art of insurance brokering, we have Joyce Steele, senior account manager at HW Wood Australia.

Drawing on their 150 + years of combined experience, the panelists will dissect three documentary formats – web series, one-offs and features – and examine how smart planning and clever decision-making can save you significant amounts of money. While geared towards early to mid-career practitioners, this session is designed to be an illuminating and practical guide, for all producers, to making sure more of the production budget ends up on screen.

And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to save some money?