Connect and inspire: Pitching to Philanthropists

Business Join Deanne Weir and Mitzi Goldman as they unpack what it takes to leave a positive impression

Anyone can pitch, but not all leave a lasting impression. With growing instability in the government sector for documentary funding, enterprising film makers are looking to alternative sources of financing.

In the last 10 years, Documentary Australia Foundation has revolutionised documentary funding in Australia by actively bringing together filmmakers and philanthropists who see film as a powerful weapon to achieve social change.

However pitching to venture philanthropists, impact investors, and foundations is different to what most filmmakers are used to. The values may be different, the business models are different, and the language is different.

Philanthropist and media entrepreneur Deanne Weir talks to friend and collaborator Mitzi Goldman, CEO of Documentary Australia Foundation, about how to make your pitch attractive to philanthropists.



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