Lensing the Invisible: A Masterclass with Rita Baghdadi

Emmy Award-winning American-Moroccan filmmaker Rita Baghdadi reveals how to bring local stories to world audiences

Rita Baghdadi is an Emmy Award-winning American-Moroccan documentary filmmaker with over 10 years of experience directing, producing, and filming bold, character-driven films with an intimate lens.

She is the director, producer, and cinematographer of the latest international sensation and Sundance smash hit Sirens (pictured, executive produced by Natasha Lyonne and Maya Rudolph).

As both an established filmmaking talent in her own right and a cinematographic gun for hire by the major players including Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon, Apple TV, and BBC, Rita knows how to navigate the landscape with a distinct style and discerning eye for important stories and subjects that may be traditionally excluded from the spotlight.

In this Masterclass, Rita will discuss her filmmaking style, both as a director and cinematographer, and talk about how to bring important regional stories to audiences around the world.

Speaker: Rita Baghdadi (Lady & Bird Films)

Moderator: Natasha Gadd (AIDC)

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Image Credit: Sirens, Lady & Bird Films, 2022


  • Date & Time

    10:15 – 11:15, Friday 2 September 2022

  • Venue

    CPAC Studio