Crafting the Edit: The Final Quarter

Collective Intelligence Part interrupted screening, part live commentary and part anatomy of a collaboration, this session takes a deep dive into the making of The Final Quarter.

Drawing soley on archival footage aired at the time, The Final Quarter documents the last stages of Indigenous AFL footballer Adam’s Goodes career after sustained racism on and off the field. The film is a poignant reflection of our divided national consciousness simultaneously saw Goodes awarded Australian of the Year for anti-racism advocacy whilst also being accused of inciting racial violence with his infamous war cry dance on the field.

Moderated by Beck Cole, this session sees director Ian Darling and editor Sally Fryer explore the decision-making process around issues of representation, race, sport, public opinion, audience and the power of the media. Through screening a number of cuts from early edits to final versions, as well as extended key moments in the film, this conversation offers a forensic examination of how directors and editors think together to craft a compelling and timely film through archival footage alone.