Ian Darling (AUS)
Director / Producer
Shark Island Institute

Ian Darling is an award-winning documentary filmmaker. He is Executive Director of Shark Island Institute in Sydney. 

His Director and Producer credits include The Final Quarter, Paul Kelly – Stories of Me, The Oasis, Suzy & the Simple Man, In the Company of Actors, Alone Across Australia, Woodstock for Capitalists, Polly & Me, and The Soldier. His Executive Producer credits include Toxic Labor, 2040, The Fourth Estate, The Bleeding Edge, Unrest, Inventing Tomorrow and How to Change the World. He is currently directing The Fires (in development) and is a producer of The Department. 

He was Founder of Good Pitch Australia and Documentary Australia Foundation. 

Ian Darling received the Byron Kennedy Award at the 2018 AACTA Awards. He received the AFI/AACTA Award for Best Direction in a Documentary, is a Walkley Awards Finalist (twice), winner of the Film Critics Award, and has been nominated for numerous Australian Directors Guild, AFI/AACTA, SPAA and IF awards.