Breaking Into Asia

Business Discover strategies to tap into the Asian market, find the right partners and navigate working with our nearest neighbour.

Entry into the Asian market can be difficult. The Asian region is one of fierce growth and rapid development, including TV production and consumption. Asia comprises 60% of the world’s population and, perhaps most relevant to Australian TV producers, a world of youthful audiences is found there.

But amongst the opportunities, there are cultural barriers: the regulatory environment is different, and the commercial environment and commercial terms are different to Australia. How do Australian producers tap into the Asian market, partner with co-production partners and navigate working with some of our nearest neighbours?

Michael Tear of WildBear has been successfully co-producing with China since 2012 and has noticed that the regulatory environment is evolving constantly, but still believes there are valuable opportunities for co-producing if you know how to play the game. Donovan Chan (Beach House Pictures) recently co-produced Kakadu with ABC and speaks to the experiences of working with Australia and other potential opportunities coming up to co-produce within the Blue Ant Media Group. Yoshihiko Ichiya (NHK) will talk about co-production opportunities within his region and what is working for NHK. Victoria Noble will discuss Discovery Networks International activity in the Asian region, while Jo Dillion will talk about working between Australia and Asia from the point of view of a state agency (Screen Queensland).

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