The Future of Documentary: Tabitha Jackson and Lynette Wallworth

In-Conversation With seismic global shifts in how we make and watch content, what is the future of documentary?

2020 has been a year of pivotal change – from ongoing assaults on truth and democracy to the Black Lives Matter movement and the global pandemic. Amidst these events, documentary has continued to find ways to innovate with form, strive for truth, and amplify voices that have been unheard. Film festivals have also found new ways to not only screen and exhibit new works but also create community and spaces for collective action. Drawing on the experiences of 2020, and looking towards what’s next, this conversation between Sundance Film Festival director Tabitha Jackson and Australian documentary innovator Lynette Wallworth explores the future of documentary.



Image Credit: Traveling the Interstitium with Octavia Butler, Crimes of Curiosity & Guild of Future Architects, 2020