Streamlined: Meet the Nonfiction Streamers (and how to work with them!)

Business Meet the major streamers occupying the doc space in local, global, and North American markets, and learn how to get your projects on their platform.

Join us for a panel discussion with some of the major players in streaming, where they will reveal their individual priorities across commissioning and acquisitions and major market trends. Each platform works differently – from what sort of genres or formats they work with, who their audiences are, and at what stage they like to come on board.

Learn from global platform Netflix about how they operate in Australia, North American platform Topic and how their audience favours global content and crime stories, and our local streamer DocPlay, on the move into its own originals. Why are they at AIDC? And what would they like see pitched from you?

Image Credit: James & Isey, Madman Entertainment, 2021