Raw Data, Real Stories Pitch

Marketplace Watch as four teams of data journalists and creative technologists pitch for a $40,000 prize.

AIDC and The Google News Initiative are returning for a second round of Raw Data, Real Stories, a bold  $40,000 pitching initiative that celebrates experimentation and collaboration between story and technology to bring raw data to life.

In 2019, Raw Data, Real Stories broke new ground by re-imagining data’s role in storytelling within the non-fiction landscape and supported the development of data journalism and the creation the eye-opening project The Invisible Crime (The Age).

You are invited to join us for the 2020 event as four teams of journalists and creative technologists pitch for a grand prize of $40,000 to turn their raw data into a new creative work for a real audience.

Raw Data, Real Stories will be assessed by a jury made up of Nic Hopkins (Lead, The Google News Initiative), Lam Thuy Vo (Buzzfeed News), Dan Koerner (Sandpit).




Hooked: The numbers behind Australia’s gambling obsession

ABC News

Australians lose more money gambling than any other country in the world. This project will tell the story of gambling’s grip on the nation – the vested interests, the human and economic costs, and the flow of gambling dollars between industry, government and households.

Inga Ting Data Journalist

Stephen Hutcheon Supervising producer

Jack Fisher Video journalist

Nathanael Scott Developer

Mark Doman Digital journalist

Alex Palmer Designer

Michael Workman Audience development producer



The Impacts of Growing Cotton in the Murray-Darling Basin

The Conversation

The project will explore the complex issue of farming water-intensive crops like cotton in the Murray-Darling Basin – Australia’s food bowl, which is experiencing a severe drought.

Emil Jeyaratnam Data and interactives editor

Sunanda Creagh Head of Digital Storytelling



Accessing Abortion (working title)

The Saturday Paper & Small Multiples

Abortion has been decriminalised in almost all Australian states and territories. But ‘decriminalised’ is not the same as ‘made accessible’. The Saturday Paper will explore how far people are travelling, and how much they are spending, to access an abortion, uncovering the struggle for equitable healthcare across the country.

Justine Landis-Hanley Contributing Investigative Reporter

Maddison Connaughton Editor

Small Multiples Developer



Bill of Health: Counting the human cost of climate change

SBS Labs

An interactive story-driven experience that centres the health impacts of extreme weather events in Australia on individuals and communities, making the societal and economic costs of climate change personally relevant.

Ramkumar Shankar Creative Technologist

John-Paul Marin Manager & EP, SBS Digital Creative Labs

Matt Smith Creative and Technical Lead

Sasha Gallagher Producer