Opportunity, Influence, Ethics, Compromise? Philanthropy, Investment and Documentary Filmmaking

Business A much-needed conversation on documentary funding in Australia - where the money's coming from, its real-world impacts, and what considerations filmmakers can take into account when applying for different funds.

Documentary filmmaking is increasingly reliant on non-government funding. But thanks to the powerful work of filmmakers and dedicated organisations, there are more philanthropists and private donors than ever interested in the capacity of films to make change. But what does this mean for filmmakers? How are the stories being told influenced by the priorities of those who fund them and the implications this may have? And how can our impact campaigns be shaped by funding relationships?

In this session we explore the tangled questions of ‘artwashing’ and of influence, social license, social capital and ethics that the sources of corporate, philanthropic and private investments in our work raise for filmmakers. This is a messy space, there are no right answers, but one thing is for sure – we need to have the conversation.

Image Credit: Fossil fuels + the Arts, A Centre for Everything, 2019


  • Date & Time

    17:00 – 18:00, Tuesday 8 March 2022

  • Venue

    Gandel Future Lab 1

  • Speakers

    Alex Kelly, Dr. Ruth De Souza

  • Session Producer

    Alex Kelly