Double Exposure: Navigating Risk and Truth in Investigative Documentary with Nanfu Wang

Spotlight Join leading investigative filmmaker Nanfu Wang, director of the Academy Award®-shortlisted In the Same Breath, as she discusses the craft and risk of filming some of her most daring scenes.

From hidden filming devices and camera glasses, to smuggled footage and a band of anonymous filmmakers, Nanfu Wang’s investigative documentary-making is as compelling as the subjects that she explores. Her pursuit of truth through embedding herself with her participants, and asking difficult questions of those in power, has often come at great risk, both to herself as well as her family and those she is filming.

In this session, Nanfu discusses how she filmed some of the key scenes in her feature documentaries, which include Hooligan Sparrow, an intimate exploration of maverick Chinese activist, Ye Haiyan; the brutal legacy of the one-child policy in One Child Nation, and an exposé of the Chinese and American propaganda machines fuelled by COVID-19 in In the Same Breath.  


Image Credit: One Child Nation, Chicago Media Project, 2019



  • Date & Time

    9:00 – 10:00, Wednesday 9 March 2022

  • Venue

    ACMI Cinema 2

  • Speaker

    Nanfu Wang

  • Moderator

    Kim Munro

  • Session Producer

    Kim Munro