Distribution Disasters...Can They be Avoided?

Panel Distribution of content is an important part the business, but what happens when it doesn't go to plan?

You have just wrapped up your latest project and it’s now ready to be released. Months prior to this, you may have locked in a deal with a distribution partner to market and distribute your content. Fees are negotiated, marketing plans and strategy are discussed, promotional material and EPKs are delivered, everyone is excited to get the distribution process in motion, but not all goes to plan. What happens when the audience is not there or the program does not sell? For a distributor, this is likely the worst thing that can happen. The resources, time and money spent in marketing and distributing that program have not been successful. So what caused this ‘distribution disaster’?

COVID-19 has created many challenges for content distribution. However, prior to 2020, the distribution game had changed significantly for many players in the industry. Case studies from industry experts will discuss their distribution disasters. Can they be avoided and how they have had to reimagine the distribution business to mitigate future disasters? Creating great content is one part of the equation, but when distribution doesn’t go to plan are there other ways to cushion this disaster? Join us to find out!