Bold New Futures with Lynette Wallworth

Collective Intelligence Immersive documentary maker Lynette Wallworth walks us through some of her most recent works, including her VR works, her process and her impact model.

From the Amazon to the World Economic Forum, Emmy award winning documentary filmmaker/artist Lynette Wallworth crafts universal stories underpinned by an ethic of relationship. These stories not only resonate with individual audiences, but also impact global decision makers.

In this session, Lynette explores her process from working with communities, to employing cutting-edge technologies in order to convey relationships between humans and the natural world, enabling us to experience phenomena beyond our perception. Through combining story and technology, Lynette provides a unique insight into her strategies which connect with decision makers to drive change. As part of her broader impact model, Lynette will also discuss her commitment to fostering leadership and change making within under-represented communities.

Spanning feature documentary, VR, XR, AR, and interactive installations, Lynette’s projects include Awavena, Collisions, Tender, Coral Rekindling Venus and Evolution of Fearlessness.