Susie Jones and Carolyn Johnson take on new roles

The Australian International Documentary Conference (AIDC) is pleased to announce the formal appointment of Susie Jones to the role of Co-Chair and Carolyn Johnson to the role of Treasurer on the AIDC Board of Directors.

An AIDC Board member since 2016, Susie Jones is a Commissioning Editor for Documentaries with Australian broadcaster SBS. Ms. Jones will join currently sitting member Fiona Gilroy of Flame Distribution in undertaking Co-Chair duties for the AIDC Board of Directors.

Elected to the Board in 2018, Carolyn Johnson is an independent producer with a business and finance background, and heads Carolyn Johnson Films.

The appointments come after the election of new Board member Kate Pappas during the AIDC 2019 AGM, and the departures of outgoing Co-Chair Denise Eriksen and Treasurer Frank Filosi.

About Susie Jones

Susie Jones joined SBS as Commissioning Editor of Documentaries within the Television and Online Content Division in 2016, Since joining SBS she has commissioned a range of documentaries, including Who Do You Think You Are? (series 9), The Ghan, Secrets of our Cities, Fair Game, Untold Australia, and The Obesity Myth, among others. She also co-moderated AIDC 2019’s FACTory International Pitching Forum.


About Carolyn Johnson

Producer of the 2017 Academy Award-nominated Tanna, Carolyn has worked as EP, line producer and producer on many acclaimed documentaries and dramas, including The Last Goldfish, A Sense of Self, A Law Unto Himself, Madhattan, Stumbling in Hillary’s Footsteps, First Footprints, Are You My Mother, Son of a Lion and more. She had a business career prior to joining the film and TV industry, including five years in finance with Macquarie Bank.


To learn more about the AIDC Board of Directors, please visit our Staff & Board page.