What I Learnt From Live

Business What makes Live TV work? Hear from the Go Back Live, Operation Live and Stargazing Live teams about how and when to go live to air

What is live TV, and what makes it work?

In this closed-to-media session, the teams behind Go Back To Where You Came From Live and Stargazing Live will talk us through the evolution of these two different event shows. In 2018, Stargazing Live smashed the Guinness World Records title for the most people stargazing across multiple venues, and Go Back To Where You Came from took a trusted format ‘Live’.

What was the rationale? Aidan Laverty (ABC) will step us through the evolution of Stargazing, Michael Cordell (CJZ) and Joseph Maxwell (SBS) discuss taking the dive into live with Go Back and Majella Wiemers (ITV Studios) will talk through the making of Operation Live. 

We will discuss the surprises and challenges in delivery, the various options available and the decisions made along the way.

Who is the audience for live and what are examples of effective audience interactivity? What impact does a live format have on story? And where do we draw the line between documentary, as live and live TV?

An exploration of all things live – with some concrete lessons to take away.