Setting the Scene for a Greener Screen Industry

In-Conversation Want to reduce your environmental impact? Explore sustainable production and the transition to a net-zero screen industry.

“The greatest threat to the planet is the belief that someone else will save it”
Robert Swan

This session focuses on the pressing issue of sustainable production, exploring practical ways the Australian screen industry can reduce our environmental impact. In the wake of the ‘Black Summer’ bushfires and the climate emergency, drastically reducing carbon emissions has been thrust to the forefront of conversation across every sector. This requires us to focus on transport, energy and resource use, as well as the enormous amounts of waste generated, most of which can be reused, recycled or sourced in a more responsible way. This session will highlight measures that can be incorporated into every production to reduce negative impact, providing practical examples of sustainability in action, international best practice and a take-away checklist full of sustainable production tips. Attendees will gain an understanding of why this issue is important and changes we can all start implementing today. With our ability to reach and influence large audiences, the screen industry is uniquely placed to take a leadership role in addressing the climate crisis. Join this timely conversation to explore the challenges, the solutions and how our industry can play a pivotal part in accelerating the transition to a net-zero future.