Pathways to Audience: The Current Landscape of Documentary Distribution

Business Join experts from Film Art Media, Madman Entertainment, Sundance Film Festival and Autlook Filmsales as they provide insights into pathways to audience for the ever-evolving landscape of documentary distribution.

The landscape of documentary distribution is ever-evolving, so join a leading panel of industry experts, including Sue Maslin (Film Art Media), Paul Wiegard (Madman Entertainment), Ash Hoyle (Sundance Film Festival) and Imogen Sutton (Autlook Filmsales) as they provide a 2024 update.

In this session we dive into the heart of the distribution landscape, exploring the shifting pathways to global audiences. The session is a vital exploration of documentary distribution, examining the challenges and opportunities in today’s dynamic industry. From navigating a film festival experience, to theatrical releases, to the intricate world of broadcast and the vast spectrum of streaming platforms, we dissect the strategies that propel documentaries into the spotlight. This is a compass for filmmakers, producers, and distributors, revealing the essential tools to amplify the impact of nonfiction storytelling in a rapidly changing media environment.

Image Credit: Smoke Sauna Sisterhood (Madman Entertainment, 2023)