Meet Up: Education - Cracking the (Curriculum) Code

Meet Up With online education booming, the market is ripe for screen-based learning content that engages and informs young people about the world they live in. 

Teachers and students from K – 12 are relying on screen content as a learning resource to discover, play, explore, investigate and research. Both at school and at home, textbooks are being shelved for productions that present curriculum-relevant content in dynamic and insightful ways that resonate with students.

While curriculum relevancy is key, understanding the education market’s needs and complexities helps producers determine initial investment levels as well as long-tail revenue opportunities for a given project.

At this session, Screen Education Specialist Dr Anne Chesher discusses the ways and means of producing valued and impactful Education Kits.


  • Date & Time

    13:15 – 14:00, Monday 1 March 2021

  • Venue

  • Moderator

    Anne Chesher