Craft Tea Uglow, Director of Google Creative Lab, explores creativity and innovation in storytelling in this exclusive masterclass.

Tea Uglow describes herself as a person in transition (neurodiverse and trans), which is a beautiful way of describing the myriad of things that she does and is. As Creative Director of Google’s Creative Lab in Sydney, she takes things apart often to rebuild them in the most magical ways.

In this deep dive into the craft of storytelling, Tea talks about how the creative space at Google and her continuing exploration of storytelling tools such as AR and VR help to push the boundaries of what is possible. Her team work on experimental projects that help connect people and that use Google, Android and YouTube’s products in creative ways.

Previous projects include Hangouts in History, Dream40 with the RSC, Life in a Day, and the YouTube Symphony Orchestra. Most of her projects are collaborations with charities, agencies and cultural organisations around the world that help artists and creators explore new forms of creative practice using digital tools. Tea’s intuitive and prismatic approach to creativity is sure to inspire and delight.


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  • Date & Time

    9:30 – 10:45, Wednesday 6 March 2019

  • Venue

  • Speaker

    Tea Uglow

  • Session Producer

    Melanie Horkan