Craft Australian Director Al Hicks discusses how his background in music informed the creation of music documentaries Quincy and Keep on Keepin’ On.

In his latest award-winning documentary, Quincy, Australian Director Al Hicks was granted extraordinary access to the legendary music producer Quincy Jones via daughter Rashida (with whom Hicks co-directed the film).

Despite having no formal film training, Quincy (Netflix) is the the follow-up to Hicks’ critically acclaimed debut feature, Keep on Keepin’ On which explores the extraordinary relationship between 89-year-old jazz legend and teacher Clark Terry and Justin Kauflin, a 23-­year­-old, blind piano prodigy.

In this exclusive music documentary masterclass, Hicks will talk about how his background in music has informed his filmmaking technique and his ability to create intimate, character-driven stories that take on a musicality in and of themselves.

Hicks will explore how he draws on rhythm, pacing and music structure to interweave observational footage, live performance and archival films to shape the narrative and bring the story of these extraordinary characters to life.

Quincy: Official Trailer


  • Date & Time

    13:45 – 15:00, Monday 4 March 2019

  • Venue

  • Speaker

    Alan Hicks

  • Moderator

    Natasha Gadd

  • Session Producer

    Natasha Gadd