Masters: Innovation with Lisa Jackson

Innovation A deep dive into the ideation and production of Biidaaban: First Light VR by Lisa Jackson.

Award-winning Toronto-based Anishinaabe filmmaker and artist Lisa Jackson’s work spans documentary, fiction and art installation. Hear her discuss in detail her most recent piece, Biidaaban: First Light, an immersive VR experience co-created with 3D artist Mathew Borrett, the National Film Board of Canada and Jam3.

This session will be a deep dive into the ideation and production of this visceral, genre-bending experience which premiered at Tribeca in 2018 and has received widespread acclaim.

The town square is flooded. The infrastructure has merged with local flora and people commute via canoe. In this radically different future, urban life is thriving. Biidaaban: First Light illuminates how Indigenous languages can provide a framework for understanding our place in a reconciled version of Canada’s largest urban environment.

Audiences are invited to view Biidaaban: First Light VR at the Melbourne Museum in advance of this session.




  • Date & Time

    13:00 – 14:00, Sunday 3 March 2019

  • Venue

  • Speaker

    Lisa Jackson

  • Session Producer

    Kylie Boltin