Craft A masterclass with award-winning BBC Natural History cinematographer John Brown.

John Brown was the Director of Photography on the Chimpanzee and Tiger episodes of BBC1’s Dynasties series presented by David Attenborough, first broadcast in 2018. Filming took place over three years and the films have been incredibly popular with viewing figures well over 6 million across the series.

He has worked with the BBC’s Natural History Unit on many of their landmark series since 2000 including Planet Earth II, Snow Monkey and Madagascar. What does it take to be a cameraman working with wild and often unpredictable subject matter such as tigers and chimpanzees?

In this unmissable session, John talks about cutting edge developments in technology such as new camera lenses that have allowed him to capture an unprecedented sense of intimacy with the chimps and tigers on the Dynasties series.

John also has synesthesia – a condition where the stimulation of one sense produces the sensation of another. John talks about how hearing colours and responding to the textures in music. How does this fascinating condition affect his work as a multi-award winning cameraman and what perspectives has it afforded him working as a master cinematographer of natural history?




  • Date & Time

    11:30 – 12:45, Tuesday 5 March 2019

  • Venue

  • Speaker

    John Brown

  • Moderator

    Jennifer Peedom

  • Session Producer

    Melanie Horkan