Journalism vs. Documentary: Balancing Integrity with Creativity

Craft Join 2022 Academy Award®-nominated directors of Writing with Fire and high-profile international journalists for this not-to-be-missed interrogation of investigative storytelling.

The intersection of investigative journalism and documentary has always been a constant negotiation of truth, creativity, integrity, and entertainment. Should documentarians become more rigorous in their research and uphold the facts above all else? Or should journalists consider a more expressive creative license or narrative approach? Is the pursuit of verifiable truths placed in the relevant context at odds with documentary filmmaking that treasures emotional power and a ‘point of view’.

In this session, join 2022 Academy Award®-nominees for Best Documentary, Rintu Thomas and Sushmit Ghosh (Writing with Fire), Academy Award® shortlisted documentarian Nanfu Wang (In The Same Breath), as well as leading Australian journalist and filmmaker Yaara Bou Melham (Unseen Skies), as we discuss cinematic craft, journalistic integrity and truth-telling in investigative documentaries.


Image Credit: Writing With Fire, Black Ticket Films, 2021