Island in the Stream: The Future of Australian Content on the Streamers

Panel Join representatives from Hulu and Amazon as they discuss the current state of play of streaming Australian content

With the widespread introduction of television in the 1950s, the scope for the screen sector splintered into possibilities barely imagined a decade earlier. The rise and rise of the streamers in the last decade has had a similar impact, revolutionising documentary and factual programming, and diversifying traditional factual formats and viewing habits. In this session, we examine how streamers are operating in the Australian marketplace, and how Australian-produced content is performing with SVODs overseas. We analyse the current state of play and forecast what streaming will look like in the future. What is the current programming sweet spot for these platforms? And how are they working with Australian producers in commissioning and acquisitions, inclusive of IP, development, and partnering with Screen Australian and the State Agencies?

This session is for producers only with limited places available. It will be closed to media and not available via the AIDC catch-up library.


Image Credit: I am Greta, Cecilia Nessen & Fredrik Heinig, 2020

Image Credit: The Test: A New Era for Australia’s Team, Amazon Prime Video, 2020