Indigenous Creators Program: Visionaries - Crafting Excellence

Indigenous First Nations visionaries reveal their unique creative processes in the art of First Nations documentary storytelling and craft.

Immerse yourself in the artistry of Indigenous-authored documentaries as we celebrate the unwavering commitment of Indigenous filmmakers to achieve excellence in storytelling.

Bringing together a panel of local and global First Nations writers, directors, and producers, we delve into their creative processes and explore the intersection of culture and cinema to highlight the common threads that bind standout Indigenous documentaries. This session will showcase diverse perspectives and techniques in the pursuit of excellence, and highlight the significant impact that documentary and factual projects have in amplifying our communities’ voices on the world stage.

Join us for this illuminating yarn as we honour the craft of First Nations writers, directors, and producers, recognising their role in shaping the future of nonfiction filmmaking.

First Nations practitioners only


Image Credit: Rebel with a Cause (Inkey Media Pty Ltd, 2023)