Indigenous Creators Program: In Conversation with Taryne Laffar, Producer of Our Law

INDIGENOUS Join Taryne Laffar, Producer of Our Law, as she takes us through the process of creating the six-part documentary series for NITV and its evolution into an exciting new series.

Following the success of the 2020 half hour WA documentary, Our Law, a full six-part documentary series was commissioned by NITV. The short-form documentary showcased Western Australia’s first Indigenous run police station where two officers learn the local language and culture to effectively patrol the community. In this session we will look at how this half-hour documentary has evolved into an exciting new series.

Note: First Nations Participants Only


  • Date & Time

    11:45 – 12:45, Monday 7 March 2022

  • Venue

    Gandel Future Lab 1

  • Moderator

    Penny Smallacombe

  • Session Producer

    Penny Smallacombe