Crossing Borders: Co-Producing Carbon with Canada During COVID-19

In-Conversation The team behind Carbon offers an insider look at managing an international co-production during a global pandemic.

Entering into an international treaty co-production can be complicated on a good day. But the team behind Carbon got more than they bargained for when the COVID-19 pandemic hit after they began filming.

This lively discussion will reveal how the team has been able to stay on track and carve a successful path forward for their forthcoming feature-length science documentary, which explores one of life’s core elements.

Join award-winning collaborators Sonya Pemberton and Niobe Thompson, as they pull back the curtain on what it’s like to film across borders during this unprecedented crisis while also navigating the creative, financial, and regulatory challenges of an international partnership. This session will offer an intimate discussion around financial plans and creative collaboration, providing tangible takeaways for producers considering international co-production.

This session is for producers only with limited places available. It will be closed to media and not available via the AIDC catch-up library.

Please register for this session via the AIDC Event Platform, which goes live on February 15 2021.


Image Credit: Carbon, Sonya Pemberton, Niobe Thompson & Lucy Maclaren