Co-Creative Storytelling with Katerina Cizek

Keynote Join digital pioneer Katerina Cizek as she discusses the expansive potential of co-creative documentary.

How do we co-create documentary works that shift away from the single-authored vision to embrace the possibilities of other disciplines, technology, and the non-human?

In this session, Artistic Director and Co-Founder of the MIT Co-Creation Studio, Kat Cizek discusses how co-creative processes can further expand documentary’s possibilities. Kat will draw on her long history as a digital documentarian, including over a decade at the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) and the studio which has produced the first-of-its-kind field study on co-creation. In this session, Kat will explore the challenges and opportunities for immersive and emerging technology in expanding ethical documentary practice, while also addressing social injustice and the climate emergency.

Kat Cizek is one of the global trail-blazers in innovative documentary practice, and this keynote promises to inspire new ways of thinking and making.


  • Date & Time

    11:15 – 12:15, Sunday 28 February 2021

  • Venue

    Screenrights Stage

  • Speaker

    Katerina Cizek

  • Moderator

    Kim Munro

  • Session Producer

    Kim Munro