Paula Froehle (US)
Co-Founder & Executive Director
Chicago Media Project

A producer, director, visual artist, educator and entrepreneur based in Chicago, Paula is the Co-Founder and CEO of Chicago Media Project (CMP) - the innovative multifaceted philanthropic community of documentary film lovers who believe in the power of media to bring about social change.

Within CMP, Paula guides over 50 members in the philanthropic support of social impact films and filmmaker sustainability. She also co-manages CMP’s equity fund Chicago Media Project Invest/Impact (CMP I/I) that invests in commercially viable documentaries. Paula has overseen more than $4.5 million dollars of grant and equity funding for numerous documentaries including the Sundance 2019 hits KNOCK DOWN THE HOUSE (Netflix) and ONE CHILD NATION (Amazon) as well as the top-grossing biopic of all time WON’T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR? (Focus Features), THE FEELING OF BEING WATCHED (Tribeca 2018), THE FOURTH ESTATE (Showtime) and STEP (Fox Searchlight), to name a few. She served as an executive producer on THE INFILTRATORS (Sundance 2019), 306 HOLLYWOOD (Sundance 2018) and FLY. Paula also co-produced the powerful documentaries BLUE WALL, TROPHY (CNN Films), VOYEUR (Netflix) and the 2017 Academy Award-winning documentary ICARUS.