Oli Harbottle (UK)
Head of Distribution and Acquisitions

Oli has been at Dogwoof since 2006, and was part of the original team who made the decision to specialise in documentaries the following year.

As Head of Distribution and Acquisitions, he is responsible for acquisitions and overseeing all film releases, which in recent years have included successes such as The Act of Killing, Blackfish, The Look of Silence, Cartel Land, Weiner, Life, Animated, Three Identical Strangers, Free Solo, and Apollo 11. Oli is now also actively involved in the sourcing of projects for Dogwoof’s new production fund and recent executive producer credits include MaidenHalstonMystify: Michael Hutchence and Cunningham.


CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR: Features and series which can work for international audiences at any stage of production, either for us to come in at an early stage to help co-develop and produce, or at a later stage to handle worldwide sales and/or UK distribution.

GENRES: Arts, Biographies, Crime, Culture, Environment, Geopolitics, Human Interest, Music, Politics, Sport

NUMBER OF SLOTS/HOURS: 20 features and 3 series a year.

SUCCESSES/COMMISSIONS:  International sales: Cunningham, Mystify: Michael Hutchence, Maiden; UK distribution: Apollo 11, Free Solo

BEST WAY TO PITCH?: In person with a trailer and treatment.