Mark Woods (AUS)
Executive Producer
MIFF Premiere Fund

Mark Woods is the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) Industry Director, managing feature film co-financing event 37ºSouth Market (Australia’s only film market at a film festival), and emerging director workshop Accelerator Lab

Additionally, Woods serves as Executive Producer of the MIFF Premiere Fund (whose 65+ projects include feature documentaries The Songkeepers, Putuparri & The Rainmakers, The Family, Electric Boogaloo, The Eulogy, Aim High In Creation, Not Quite Hollywood, Celebrity: Dominick Dunne, Bastardy, Rock N Roll Nerd and The Coming Back Out Ball Movie). Woods previously served as CEO of both Ausfilm and Screen Ireland, Head of Independent Acquisitions & Content Investment for Showtime Australia, and Australian reporter for industry publication Variety.