Jennifer Goggin (Australia)
Head of Special Interest and Feature Content
LiSTNR Original Podcasts

Before joining LiSTNR, Jen worked for BBC radio where she produced award-winning live radio, history series and audio features which have been broadcast across BBC, ABC and RTÉ.

Jen began producing podcasts in 2012 and joined PodcastOne Australia (Now LiSTNR Original Podcasts) in 2018 as their content director. Jen has been responsible for commissioning and developing their original podcast content and growing their internal production team. She has been executive producer on over 40 original Australian podcasts.

LiSTNR Original Podcasts is Australia’s leading creator of premium original podcasts. We create podcasts and audio series for the LiSTNR app, a curated and personalised, free app offering radio, podcasts, music, and news, creating a new audio destination for all Australians. Created by SCA, LiSTNR delivers an audio destination that is built for individual listeners’ routines and preferences. Highly personalised, it provides listeners a new world of audio entertainment, with their own daily feed of audio and easy discovery of new content through curated recommendations.