Jean-Jacques Peretti (France)
Programming & Training Coordinator
Sunny Side of the Doc

Jean-Jacques Peretti is in charge of the editorial line at Sunny Side of the Doc, the internationally renowned market place for documentary and factual content.

Working with the rest of the team on the organization of the schedule of events, panels, case studies, pitch sessions with the main international players, Peretti also works as an expert with many international festivals and markets.

Born in France, Peretti studied films and literature in France and the US. Peretti has worked many years in documentary production for companies such as Les Films d’Ici, 2nd Vague Productions, etc, before joining Sunny Side of the Doc in 2002.

Established in La Rochelle, Sunny Side of the Doc has become a major international marketplace for coproduction, buying and selling of high-quality documentary projects, programmes and new narrative experiences.