Erkko Lyytinen (Finland)
Commissioning Editor

Erkko Lyytinen is a commissioning editor for Finnish public broadcaster YLE, focusing on co-productions of creative documentaries.

He is currently commissioning and programming for the feature-length documentary slot on YLE, TV-1.

Erkko has a background as filmmaker, festival director and producer of documentary films. He has also directed and produced several television series.

YLE is Finland’s national broadcasting company, since 2013 tax-financed and carrying no advertising. YLE operates three national broadcast television channels and an extensive online service. YLE TV1 is the main news channel, with a considerable share of current affairs and factual programming, including documentaries. YLE TV2 is the main channel for Children, Youth, Leisure and Sports Events. Musical entertainment is also a specialty. YLE FEM & Teema is the shared broadcast channel for the Swedish language and Nordic content, and the main channel for Culture, Films, Science, History and Education, Performing Arts and Documentaries. YLE AREENA is an online platform with a wide selection of drama, documentary films, television and radio programs.