David Harron (UK)
Commissioning Executive, Factual
BBC Scotland

David Harron is Commissioning Executive, Factual at BBC Scotland, commissioning across both BBC One Scotland and the BBC Scotland channel, as well as co-productions with BBC Network and overseas broadcasters.

His brief includes single documentaries, obs doc series, specialist factual, access pieces and authored films. Previously he worked for BBC Scotland, various indies and commercial broadcasters as a producer on director on documentary, arts and sports programming in a TV career stretching back 25 years.


CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR: Always on the hunt for exceptional access and great storytelling, and projects which would work for a Scottish audience where there is other money on the table making our investment go further.

GENRES: Arts, Crime, Culture, History, Music

NUMBER OF SLOTS/HOURS: Roughly 110 hours.

SUCCESSES/COMMISSIONS: Murder Case (Firecrest Films/BBC Scotland); Yes/No: Inside The Indyref (ST/BBC Scotland); Real Kashmir FC (Matchlight/Bodhi Media/ BBC Scotland); Inside The Murder Trial (Firecrest Films/BBC Scotland/BBC Two)