Christian Hensgens (GERMANY)
Deputy Head of Primetime
N-TV News and Documentary Television

Christian is a senior executive with 10+ years of professional experience in content acquisition, commissioning and development, working for commercial broadcaster and multi-platform operator N-TV in Germany.

Previous roles include editorial activities at RTL Television, Endemol’s content development department and internal communications activities in Germany.

N-TV is a television news channel operated by ntv Nachrichtenfernsehen GmbH, based in Cologne, and has been majority-owned by Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland since 2006. ntv was launched in Berlin on November 30, 1992, with CNN participating in the same year. It is considered the first German news channel. In addition to news, it shows documentaries and some magazines, especially in primetime.

CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR: Engineering / Construction, Technology (big machines or exceptional technology, trains, aircrafts, battle technology), Wildlife (fast-paced!), (Ancient) History & World War II, Current Affairs (special forces, police in action, high crime), Superlatives (e.g. „The World’s Biggest…/Most Extreme…/Most Amazing…/Most Shocking…/Most Exceptional…/Most Dangerous…/Most Extreme…“ etc.), Extreme Weather, Volcanoes, Floods, Wildfires, Extraordinary Phenomena, Universe and Planets, Investigative Topics (hidden camera, story behind etc.), Blue Chip Documentaries.

STYLE: Hybrid, Observational documentary

GENRES: Crime, Current Affairs & Investigative, Environment, History, Human Interest, Natural History and Wildlife, Politics, Science, Social Issues, Technology, Youth

FORMAT: Single/One-off, Series, Specials, 52’/60’, 70+ mins, Multiplatform