Catriona McNeish (United Kingdom)
Senior APAC Executive
TVF International

Catriona McNeish is Head of APAC at TVF International, the world's leading fully independent distributor of factual and documentary programming.

Catriona is responsible for working with broadcasters and producers across Australia, New Zealand and Asia to licence, acquire and facilitate co-productions for the market’s most innovative, creative and commercial documentaries. Catriona also oversees the four-strong specialist APAC team operating across South, South East, and North Asia.

TVF International’s specialist approach to distribution has earned us a place within the media landscape as the leading independent factual distributor in the UK.  The catalogue encompasses everything from factual entertainment and lifestyle series to exceptional one-off documentaries, representing some of the most innovative and creative producers from across the globe.

The TVF team is energetic and vibrant, with over fifteen languages spoken across Sales and Acquisitions. Both divisions work within their own specific territories to maintain a highly specialised knowledge of the global content market.

Alongside the distribution of completed programming, TVF operates extensively with pre-sales, co-productions and formats.

CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR: Stories that will resonate with audiences across the globe. This could be returnable fact-ent series based around a strong format or more specialist, blue chip one-off documentaries. The genres most in demand for us are world affairs, wildlife, history based around big anniversaries (WWII -the death of Hitler, the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki), science and engineering, and lifestyle. We can work with producers in the earlier stages of production to provide editorial/commercial advice and deficit funding on the right projects.

FORMAT: Series, Single/One-off, Short film, Feature, Specials, 30’, 52’/60’, 70+ mins, Online