Brigid O'Shea (GER)
Head of DOK Industry
DOK Leipzig

Brigid O'Shea has worked for DOK Leipzig for the past eleven editions.

A native Australian, Brigid moved to Germany 14 years ago.  Prior to being head of DOK Industry, she worked for the Berlinale Talents and Co-Production Market, as well as Institute of Documentary Film in Prague and Documentary Campus. Brigid has also worked as a freelance producer, and has studied at the University of Melbourne and in Berlin.


CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR: Projects in all stages for the DOK Industry Programmes and can advise on festival strategies. Also institutions looking to partner with DOK Leipzig for delegations or country focus programmes.

STYLE: Observational Documentary, Creative Doc, Hybrid

GENRES: Arts, Biographies, Culture, Current Affairs & Investigative, Environment, Gender, Geopolitics, History, Human Interest, Indigenous, Music, Politics, Race, Religion & Ethics, Social Justice, Youth

FORMAT: Series, Single/One-off, Short film, Feature, Interactive