Adam Rollo (Australia)
Content Development Manager

Adam is the Content Development Manager for Acast

Adam has worked in digital audio and podcasting for the past decade; first with the largest commercial radio company in the UK, Global, as a Digital Audio Publisher Manager, where he advised the likes of Soundcloud and TuneIn on their UK sales strategy before moving into a podcast role where he helped develop Globals company-wide podcast strategy and initial slate of content.

After moving to Sydney and joining Acast, Adam is now a Content Development Manager for Australia & New Zealand, and is passionate about growing the independent podcasting space and increasing the sustainability of the entire ecosystem.

Acast is the world’s biggest podcast company and the engine powering creators, advertisers and listeners everywhere. Its services are the most sophisticated available and are constantly being updated with innovative new tools and functionality.

Acast hosts more than 20,000 shows worldwide, monetizing and growing global smash hitsincluding My Dad Wrote a Porno, The Earios Network, The Lady Vanishes, Forever35, JLC and Wahlgren & Wistam, as well as podcasts from publishers such as the BBC, the Guardian, Louie Media, Binge Audio, The Economist, VICE and Vogue.

Founded in Sweden in 2014 by Johan Billgren, Acast’s team of more than 200 audio lovers are creating a sustainable and open podcast ecosystem — ensuring the whole industry continues to grow and flourish. Acast has generated nearly $100 million in revenue for podcasters around the world, with hugely successful ad and sponsorship campaigns for more than 3,000 brands.