Richard Greenhalgh (AUS)
Digital Content and Distribution Lead, Digital Life
Museums Victoria

Richard is the Digital Content and Distribution Lead at Museums Victoria where he specialises in the creation of digital stories in their many and varied iterations, using emerging digital technologies to broaden the scope of how those stories are told and published.

A self-proclaimed tech geek he is always looking to new technologies to see how they can be used to tell stories in new and thought-provoking ways. He is also an advocate of technology as a means of democratising production and distribution and allowing a greater breadth of narrative voices to be heard.

Richard’s professional background is in film and television production as an award-winning editor and producer. Recently he has principally worked in the museum sector which has allowed him to engage with a broader network of artists and creators on a variety of unique and immersive experiences. In the past he has worked at ACMI, The University of Melbourne and across the broader Victorian cultural sector, his media production credits include work on ACMI’s Dreamworks, Wonderland and Game Masters exhibitions.