Who’s Who: Come See the Bigger Picture

Business All in one place, meet our international guests as they outline how to work with them

AIDC is all about bringing the global documentary and factual world to Australia.

In this session, our international guests will come together in one place to introduce themselves, discuss what they want out of AIDC, and say hi! If you’re here to pitch, this session is a must-see to get an overview of ‘the bigger picture’ and how to be part of it.

Moderated by industry superstars Axel Arnö of Sweden’s SVT and Rudy Buttignol of British Columbia’s Knowledge Network.


  • Date & Time

    17:45 – 18:30, Sunday 3 March 2019

  • Venue

    ACMI - Cinema 2

  • Moderators

    Axel Arnö, Rudy Buttignol

  • Session Producer

    Danielle McCarthy